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Don't get taken for a ride!






aircraft auctions Aircraft auctions are an exciting new way of finding used aircraft for sale!
Below you'll find all of eBay's currently running aircraft auctions.

Here's a few tips to help ensure you don't get taken for a ride:

Make sure you know both the logbook status (Complete and Original?) and the damage history (if any) prior to making your bid- either can affect the fair market value substantially, and sellers often forget to list these in their ads. (An email link to the seller always available from each auction.)

Never assume anything! If the seller hasn't listed an item, email them and ask. One of the things we've learned is that sellers often neglect to list avionics or equipment (such as audio panels or marker beacon receivers).

Also, unless the paint and interior are new, you may also wish to email the seller one of our Aircraft Rating Scales, to get a clearer idea of the interior/exterior condition prior to making your auction bid.

Consider doing a Chain of Title search. You'll learn a great deal about the aircraft's history. And don't forget to check the NTSB Accident Report database as well.

Good Luck!

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